Van Loads of Somali’s Being Driven to Vote by Democrats in Ohio?

Steve Cooper

Courtesy of the Drudge Report

Tea Party rookies called me pessimistic when I warned that Obama will steal this next election. Well, here it comes. Let’s see how much cheating it will take this time…

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13 thoughts on “Van Loads of Somali’s Being Driven to Vote by Democrats in Ohio?”

  1. I am a firm believer there will be voter fraud , but i am not sure on to what degree .. Thx Steve for updating us 24/7 I may not always reply but i read them reliougsly, and the scary part is a lot of what you say i hear on the news like 2 days later

  2. Just want to say hi me Coop .. Freaky dog and the zoo and I will always appreciate. and love you keep you and your pup safe and out of harm’s way of the storm ..XO

  3. Keep us posted how you are lil pups so scared of high winds and thunder and lightning .. I can’t even imagine him going through something like that..Hopefully yours handles all this okay, I will be watching the news and keeping you and everyone on the coast in prayers

  4. Steve, They have a calm blanket for dogs for thunderstorms and people say it really works, if your dog is nervous. The dogs think you are holding them. Pin a towel around the dog and this may work. This calm blanket is being advertised on TV. I guess it may be a little tight.

  5. I’ve tried training mine but I have 5 they’re all rescuesthey’re all illegals lol chihuahuas..but freaky dog is Pomeranian and Chihuahua..dumb people get a puppyand later when Ithey get old or has a bad leg they don’t want it anymore..I couldn’t see these guys going to a pound, hope you guys are doing well Steve. .been thinking about you take care

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