Veteran Newsman Sam Donaldson Arrested for DUI



Steve Cooper


Maybe his bad wig fell over his eyes?

I was going to say that this is Karma, but nothing will happen to him…

Slap on the wrist for the Elite…. – Electronics, Toys and DVD’s

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9 thoughts on “Veteran Newsman Sam Donaldson Arrested for DUI”

  1. like rick sanchez of cnn when he was with channel 7 in south florida years ago. he got away with murder.

  2. yup, and literally not figuratively, caused a collision while driving drunk in which the other driver died later from his injuries, he was never charged with dui and was allowed to go home before he was even tested, then claimed alcohol was in his blood from drinks he had at home, he’s among the slimiest there is, hey, look who hired him

  3. in my book that’s murder, dui manslaughter is just a gimmick to get murderers back behind the wheel sooner, oh, poor drunk driver who’s killed someone, we wouldn’t want him to have to suffer for having killed someone, fact is, most drunk drivers who’ve killed someone have already had dui convictions

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