Veterans Day 2011 Message

Steve Cooper

The Conservative

Many people don’t understand that the U.S. Military defended the Capitalist system from Communist aggression as well as freedom. The freedom to open a business, hire employees and to earn a living.

The Capitalist system is under attack from within. The U.S. Military has been circumvented via communist subversion and infiltration. You are a fool if you think Communism is dead and you dishonor the fallen soldiers if you support the war against Capitalism, because it is a war against freedom as well.

Many Libertarians double talk about the threat against Capitalism, because they are in fact stealth enemies of the system as well. This is why they love Russia Today, the Iranian News, Infowars and Al Qaeda’s best friend, Ron Paul.

Regardless of what your ‘political’ opinion is; Blood was spilled to defend the world from SOCIALISM. You have betrayed the Veterans that are not with us today if you support this agenda. Libertarians insist that it is their freedom to be anti-American ‘closet Socialists’ if they choose to be. I agree with that, but it is also my right to expose your ‘closet Soviet’ beliefs.     

On this note, thank you to ALL VETERANS and I apologize that the
American people have undermined the valiant war against Communism that
commenced since the end of WWII.

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