Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

Steve Cooper

Paul Ryan did an excellent job last night…

5 thoughts on “Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan”

  1. As a Gateway Pundit reader commented last night after watching Paul Ryan give his speech,”I was struck by the realization that I just witnessed a speech by a great man while he was still very young.” I can’t say it any better than that. (h/t and thanks to crackermike.)

    1. I didn’t think Romney would choose Ryan, because of his age. I did know that he had no choice to pick a tea party favorite. I think Bachmann was the first choice, but she faded (strangely) and I knew that idea was thrown out.

  2. He hit it out of the park. Say what you want about Romney, but Paul Ryan was a GREAT vp pick.

    I can’t wait to see Ryan absolute destroy Biden in the debates.

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