Video backs up my theory that Scalar weapons (HAARP) was behind the Japan earthquake

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

This video backs up my theory that Scalar weapons was behind the
Japan earthquake, but the man in the video blames HAARP. He is most
likely a communist trying to plant propaganda.

I told my sister the other day it is a matter of time before propaganda
is released blaming the CIA and HAARP for the earthquake to redirect any
blame from Russian and China’s Scalar weapons.

He mentions the “oil companies” in the video, but he fails to mention that the Russians are the #1 oil exporter in the world and they have a lot to lose if a car is created that runs just on water.

In the video the narrator also mentions a theory that is startling. If Japan sinks into the ocean it will create a 1,000 foot tsunami that will swallow Hawaii and the West Coast of the USA. I am no scientist, but this sounds very possible to me.

Japan Dispute with Russia: Was Japan’s earthquake no accident?

This video explains HAARP and there are many others. Also look up Tesla – Click here for the VIDEO

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