Video: Is Obama Using the Occult to Attain Power?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

In this video, Attorney Stephen Pidgeon makes some very interesting points about how he believes that Obama is trying to use symbols to attain power via the Occult. Do not laugh, because Hitler did the same thing. The interview is done with Dr. Rev. Jonathan Hansen.

Is Obama the anti-Christ? Who knows, but he is certainly an anti-Christ figure and he is advancing Satan’s objective to rule the world with his agenda. Saul Alinsky dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer for a reason folks, these communists are anti-God and Anti-American terrorists. There is no debate about this and do not even waste your time debating anyone on this issue, because it is a proven fact. The time for debate is over, now the Republicans and the Tea Party leaders need the balls to say it publicly. Yeah ok. It is time to take the gloves off, because we are approaching the point of no return if we have not already.

There was also a video that I posted on the Monster a few months ago about Obama using NLP Click here for MORE to brainwash people. This is when speeches are coded with subliminal messages to influence thought. This practice is very real and I have known about it for a long time due to my interest in brainwashing techniques and communist propaganda. The LEFT are very deeply interested in NLP. 

Stephen Pidgeon also lays out the numerous felony charges that could be filed against Obama in these videos. Pidgeon has been on top of this issue for a while and he certainly is qualified to make these statements. Great job…

The comments that Pidgeon makes about the Denver airport being shaped like a swastika and the white horse statue is chilling stuff. This video is must see.

Video – 1

In video 2 the discussion leads to the eligibility issue and Stephen Pidgeon lays it all out perfectly. I was talking to a relative about the eligibility issue yesterday. He is a Fox News fan, but he thought that Obama was born in Hawaii and the case was closed. That is exactly what Fox News wants their fans to think.

I was also speaking to a Monster fan about this the other day as well. We all know that the COLB is BS, but what we think means nothing. The COLB is the short form BC that Obama posted on the Internet during the 2008 campaign. It needs to be deemed BS by an “official” hearing whether it be held in a courtroom or Congress. I believe since the Senate was supposed to vet the eligibility of presidential candidates and this duty was flawed by possible corruption, a special prosecutor needs to be appointed (good luck with that) and then a Senate hearing to investigate (yeah ok).

Corruption like this tends to happen in countries where the people have lost their voice.

Video – 2

Video 3 is a recap of this entire mess. Watch all 3 of these videos…great stuff. 

Video – 3

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