Video of the Empire State Building Shooter Getting Shot by NYPD Officers

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Steve Cooper

Once again, excellent job by the NYPD. These brave officers were on the scene within 2 minutes and they took down the suspect as he drew his gun out on them.



  1. Who is the guy in the suit here? Why does it look like he pulled a gun? This is a confusing video for me.

  2. well, then, that doesn’t match the photo you posted of him. What gives here? The photo is of a guy in jeans and a plaid shirt over a t-shirt.

  3. ok, no problem. Just things are a bit confusing these days and often staged. Just can’t be too careful. 😉

    1. No, this was my mix up. I uploaded this from my phone and there was an error with the site. I was rushing to get the photo up, because I had to leave. Thanks for alerting me.

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