Video – RNC Does Attack Ad on Obama ‘Debate Smirk’

Steve Cooper



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5 thoughts on “Video – RNC Does Attack Ad on Obama ‘Debate Smirk’”

  1. At 1:40 in length, I take it this is not a tv ad. That’s too bad. With the legacy media working so hard for Kenya Boy already this morning, there is no time to stop, savor last night’s victory or to rest.

    The Romney campaign has also released an ad today, this one, I think, is a tv ad. It’s called 12 Million Jobs. Gateway Pundit reports: “In his latest ad Mitt Romney says he will create 12 million new jobs, when President Obama couldn’t. Through his policies including tax reform, expanding trade and cracking down on China, he’ll create over 12 million new jobs and get our country back on track.”

  2. How is a clip from a debate with Obama’s expression on screen an “attack”? Especially when HE had no defense for the points being made? Only in Obamaland is actual footage and/or audio of his words/actions IN CONTEXT considered an “attack”. Dowse waskwy wepubwicans…

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