Vladimir Putin Repulsed From Hug by ‘Useful Idiot’ Gerard Depardieu?

putin depar


Steve Cooper


Watch the video posted below and you will see that Putin seemed a little repulsed after being hugged by the stocky Gerard Depardieu. Maybe he forgot to put on deodorant that day?

Russian citizens pay a 13% income tax? Many Americans might join Gerard Depardieu and choose ‘Comrade’ Putin over ‘Comrade’ Obama.

The Russians are masters of deception. They have many people convinced (with Obama’s help) that they are the world’s leader in freedom and peace. Everyone seems to forget about the Syrian atrocities that are taking place with Russian weapons and fuel.

More bloodshed is on the way…sheep.


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10 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Repulsed From Hug by ‘Useful Idiot’ Gerard Depardieu?”

  1. Conservative Monster ‏@cnin
    The new tax increase has only hurt the middle class, but not the wealthiest Obama supporters. #forward

    Putin is a KGB killer and this moron is hugging him like he is a drinking buddy. He is being used for propaganda purposes. That is what Lenin called a Useful Idiot.

  2. The ‘useful idiot’ Gerard Depardieu, and any number of other rich people in France, has just saved himself a lot of money.

    1. It appears that many peope like to ‘Look at that fat pig.’ Depardieu has made more than 150 films and was nominated for an Academy Award. He makes millions of dollars every year and has a net worth of over $200 million.

    1. Looks like he could be one of Honey Boo Boo’s relatives, her Uncle Fatty Frog Legs or Cousin Frenchy Froo Froo or some shit like that.

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