Voter fraud in Nevada? SEIU in Control of Voting Machines that already have Harry Reids name checked on the ballot.

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

BEWARE of massive suspicious glitches this election day. I predict that there will be widespread attempts to undermine democracy and YOUR VOTE.

BRING A VIDEO CAMERA with you to the voting booth and video tape or take pics of anything suspicious. You can not just walk into the polls video taping, but you can video outside. If you see something wrong inside, discreetly take a pic or video with your cell phone camera. 

These bastards are capable of anything to hold onto their power. The Republicans and Democrats are not 100% the same yet. Just follow where the Soros money is going, because it is going to left wing organizations.

Many Libtard-arians try to say that both parties are the same, because many of them are anti- U.S. government, far leftists. 

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