Was Ambassador Stevens Sacrificed for a ‘Greater Cause’? Psychological Warfare Against the USA


Google ordered me to take down the photo of Ambassador Stevens being dragged through the Libyan streets by MUSLIMS.

Steve Cooper


Psychological warfare was waged against the USA on 9/11/12 when Ambassador Stevens was left to die like a sitting duck with 3 other Americans in Libya. Obama and Hillary are stone faced, because they know that Stevens was sacrificed for the good of the "Greater Cause".

What is that "Greater Cause"? The Greater Cause is to 'demoralize the people and the military of the United States'. This was classic Psychological warfare by Muslim terrorists and their Russian enablers.

Obama knows that 'his masters' wanted to send a message to America and he was compliant. Notice that he didn't cancel his campaign event to Las Vegas? Obama didn't seem broken up about the death of Ambassador Stevens at all. I am not buying his acting job. I am curious why the security was so lax on a high terror alert day such as 9/11? I am calling for Hillary Clinton to resign immediately.

This execution took place on the anniversary of September 11th. 9/11 has become a day that Americans have been brainwashed to walk around like a victim repeating over and over "Never forget" like a bunch of sheep. The average American still can not comprehend what the 9/11 attacks were really about eleven years later. It is pathetic and sad that they can not recognize that this is a war against Capitalism.

The Russians are the mastermind of the Muslims terrorists via their proxies Iran, Syria and Pakistan. Russia has a Chechen Muslim problem, but not an Al Qaeda problem for a reason. I am actually shocked that the Russians have not staged a terror attack on their own soil so they could blame Al Qaeda. This way it wouldn't look so obvious that Al Qaeda is a Kremlin Proxy (article by JR Nyquist).

The murder of 4 Americans on 9/11/12 was a message to Americans that they have not accomplished ONE THING during this entire war against Terror. All of the blood and money was wasted. Liberals and Libertarians also support psychological warfare AGAINST Americans, because they want Pro-American Conservatives to abandon the thought of supporting Israel or fighting Communism, Fascism or Islamic Fascism ever again around the globe. This is a message from the International Left and Muslims that 'you can not win'.

I find it very interesting that Leftists around the world defend Fascist Muslims that shout death threats to Israel and the USA, because they are using the Muslim terrorists as an important tool against American Capitalism. These same Leftists that embrace terrorists have no problem attacking Conservatives. The Democrats have done this daily for many years and they have gotten away with it.

Do you all remember the Muslim terrorists that beheaded Americans during the Iraq War? I bet you don't, because the media erased that from your memory. Were those beheadings blamed on a You Tube video? Blaming You Tube videos is a ridiculous excuse that Liberals like Hillary Clinton are using, because they are apologists for ruthless thugs.

Again, the real question is "Why are Obama and Hillary Clinton apologists for Muslims terrorists?" The answer is: they know that the Muslims are an important tool used to breakdown American Capitalism and to advance the goal of the International Communism.

What you witnessed was "shock and awe", but it is all an illusion. Yes, the actors in the movie that killed Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans were Muslims, but their enablers sit in Moscow and Washington.


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18 thoughts on “Was Ambassador Stevens Sacrificed for a ‘Greater Cause’? Psychological Warfare Against the USA”

    1. Yes, that is a good one.

      This is a comment that I sent to a friend on FB – Suspending the sale of ammo might be their first priority. Leftists have tried to use global warming and lead in the ammo as an excuse in the past, but that went nowhere. Definitely, a false flag is coming. Chaos is needed for Obama to declare the powers of a dictator. So, it will have to get nasty enough for people to BUY IT.

      1. NOAA the weather agency, has been recieving large quantitities of AMMO. I wish I could archive things like you Steve. THERE ARE large amts. of ammo changing hands at this moment. Sorry I can’t get in the weeds too much on it. I only wish I could spend my time doing what you do. I support you 100% and blow your horn wherever and whenever I can. 🙂

    1. Please, ‘let not your heart be troubled’. It isn’t Hannity I’m quoting but a bible scripture. God does not want us ever to give up because when you see only darkness is when our Lord Jesus Christ will come to you with his light where there is no darkness. You will walk in the light of God for the rest of your days.

  1. Obama was like a mechanical robot reading his stupid notes. The whole thing was pathetic. One reporter tried to ask him if this was considered an act of war against the US and he just walked away. What a fucking asshole. I would walk on broken glass and through a crowd of Black Panthers to vote that son of a bitch out. I’d give the black panthers a look like don’t fuck with me. I am Sicilian and can be viscious when i want to be.

    1. You ‘n me both, my man. (or woman) He’s digging his own grave right now. We both know that. Republicans and Democrats are too cowardly to take on THIS USURPER. However, the people of God are not. MOTHERS are not, patriots are not. Y’know what I mean?
      I’m with you.

  2. Obama and Hillary knows that those 4 Americans had to be sacrificed to advance the larger goal. They want as much hatred towards America as possible right now to blind people from their real goal. World Communism…

    1. You could see it in her face. I also saw it in the body language of Susan Rice. I’m beginning to get the sense of what it is I need to do with my San Fran and Berkeley friends and family. You said it to me once a long time ago. CODE PINK. I do need to start monitoring them. Ther eis an agitation of their faction going on in SF right now. If I had the $ , I’d be back in MY city right now. It would be a blast. I don’t care what happens to me as long as I can help bring that org. down.

    1. Obama needed a crisis to get the bad economy out of the media and boy did his Muslim friends give it to him. #tcot — The C Monster (@cnin)

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  4. Steve, no wonder Michael Savage left radio for the time being. It’s YOUR opportunity. Sometimes providence is in your favor and you need to find a way to use it’s abundance. You are my friend, and the friend of many on facebook and beyond.
    There is a hole left by Savage leaving his show. Don’t sit by and wait for someone else to take his place. I hear it’s Jerry Doyle. Call Jerry Doyle. He could use some help . He is no Steve Cooper, for that’s for damn sure!
    Make sure you archive this analytic piece. It is sure to be of use, and HOPEFULLY , before it’s too late…

  5. This is the most bunch of bullshit i have ever seen…what the fuck is wrong with you fucking people… do you even care about truth or justice or humanity any more its all about your own personal agenda and ideology? Obama is an Oligarchy TOOL and you all know it..but you want to make it out its russia or Muslims or any other number of bullshit that Obama is in on perpetrating..you fucks don’t even make sense.. Obama is a cunt on his own merit….And a full out Israel stooge and you idiots disseminate this bullshit to convolute everything you fucking dumb fucks are THE PROBLEM along with that cunt Obama… You are all guilty of human suffering you lying scum…

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