Was Jimmy Carter a Soviet and Muslim Puppet?

Was Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski part of mass deception with the Soviets during the Afghan war to establish a world wide Muslim terror network?

We all know how much Jimmy Carter loves Israel…

I believe so….

3 thoughts on “Was Jimmy Carter a Soviet and Muslim Puppet?”

  1. carter was a deceptive president… he committed many wrong doings to america (mainly by inventing the us dept of education )–and how he got one term is perplexing to say the least..he did a lot of damage to america and nobody was looking- just like today… so today, as a result of mr carter… we have a really stupid population who votes for communist leaders repeatedly… and if you do your homework,, places like detroit and chicago have sunken to new lows.. super high murder rates,, super high unemployment and ultra high taxes to pay for more communist programs to make people “feel good” the band has been playing for a long time and now all you commy pinkos have too pay the conductors… it is a pathetic nation and seems like it is going to get worse.. especially in the ghettos.. (washington dc) and so many others… i won’t leave the house without a handgun and spare magazine … when the feces hits the fan i will tote a rifle..you cannot be too prepared for communists… .

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