Was the Reagan Assassination Attempt a Communist Plot?

Was the Reagan Assassination Attempt a Communist Plot?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

One day the truth will come out that Hinckley was part of a communist plot and the Jodie Foster story was just a cover. If this is true, the evidence is buried VERY DEEP. Trust nothing that you are told.

I have seen conspiracy theories on the Internet that pointed the conspiracy to GHW Bush (Bush 41) and his CIA connections, but usually those conspiracies are planted by Communists to cover up their fingerprints. The 9/11 Truthers are a perfect example of that. 

I have no evidence of course, but my intuition has been correct many times in the past. As you all know, most conspiracy theories turn out to be a real conspiracy. Just take a look at the Obama Eligibility issue and the Russians moving Saddam’s WMD’s to Syria. What about Ted Kennedy allegedly making a deal with the Russian KGB to undermine Reagan’s re-election bid?

Media Silence about Ted Kennedy and his KGB communication Behind Reagan’s Back

Saddam’s WMD’s in Syria a threat once again?

Reagan was never the same after that shooting. The Communists wanted Reagan dead and the punks at Columbia University even cheered the Day that Reagan was shot.


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