Was this Fake Birth Certificate released on purpose to incite and provoke Obama’s enemies?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

I have been watching these communist bastards since the Jimmy Carter days and I know how they operate better than anyone out there, BECK INCLUDED. This FAKE birth certificate was released on purpose to incite and provoke Obama’s enemies. The media is also part of the conspiracy as well. Fox News is just scared for their own asses.

Left wing provocateurs on the Internet that tend to be 9/11 Truthers are also on their side, because they will shout and scream about this fake document to incite people. The goal is civil war, revolution, unrest, Martial Law and ultimately full blown communism. There are many double agents out there today and the communist conspiracy is way too complex for the average person to grasp. I have studied their propaganda, tactics and methods and I know all of their tricks.

WE ARE already living under communism and tyranny. This is just the beginning.


Has Obama Deceived the Whole World?  

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