Washington Post Poll Pumps Up Hillary Clinton’s Popularity

Hillary Clinton

Steve Cooper


Why is Hillary Clinton wearing glasses all of the sudden? Will she say that she has ‘blurred vision’ from her fall or does she have something to hide? #scammer


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3 thoughts on “Washington Post Poll Pumps Up Hillary Clinton’s Popularity”

  1. It’s as if there are two Hillary Clintons. There was the Hillary who was the SoS at the time of the Benghazi murders and the coverup that followed it. She held one of the top positions in the Administration that carries with it great responsibility and accountability.

    Then there is the Hillary we see in the photo (above), subject to health problems and issues of aging just like any other senior citizen. Only a monster would want to put a vulnerable older woman at center stage before a congressional hearing, the object of harsh interrogations, bullied by a bunch of powerful men in the prime of their lives. Shame on those grandma haters!

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