We are Going to Die! Hurricane Sandy Victim Begs Obama & Schumer for Help

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Steve Cooper


Obama? He is in Vegas and Ohio eating steak…campaigning ….

Senator Schumer gave this woman his card and told her to call him if the supplies are not there by that night. I give him credit for that, but there are reports that the media edited him out of that clip to protect him.

Breitbart.com – Media Selectively Edits Chuck Schumer out of Sandy Victim’s Pleas for Help

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  1. what a bunch of crybabies new yorkers, i went through the worst storm in terms of destruction to hit the u.s., hurricane andrew, and never heard the crying and moaning like what’s going on in new york now, i guess that’s what happens when everyone expects the government to do everything for them, self sufficiency goes out the window.

  2. since i’ve lived in both climates it’s a tossup which is worse, the cold uo north in fall or the heat and humidity of south florida in august, nope, no tossup, the heat and humidity wins, in the cold you can do things to keep warm but in the heat and humidity there’s only so much you can do to cool off without a/c, once you’ve stripped off most of your clothes that’s it, so i repeat, wimpy, whiny, crybaby new yorkers(where i was raised btw)

  3. yeah, you say that now, but i still say wimpy, whiny, crybaby, wimpy new yorkers used to having the government give them everything, new york the big apple? it’s become more like an apple left in the fruit cellar too long, maybe you can get big brother mayor to outlaw the temperature not to drop below 70 degrees like he outlawed guns and large soft drinks, and what do you want to bet he’ll get re-elected

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