We Dodged a Bullet: Google Did Not Ban The Conservative Monster

Steve Cooper


First, I want to thank The Conservative Monster fans that called and wrote to Google to demand that they not censor free speech by blocking The Conservative Monster’s right to earn revenue just like the other controversial websites are allowed.

Google has NOT banned The Conservative Monster from their ad service named Adsense and that is very good news. These ads help generate revenue for this website and it helps to financially support me since I don’t have a rich father or a George Soros paying my bills.

Now, the question is “why was this site targeted”? I saw there were other sites that had Google ads on them along with the bloodied photo of Ambassador Stevens, but they were not targeted since their photos are still posted. Google still has these bloody photos in their image search engine, but only The Conservative Monster was targeted for censorship?

This is a news website and I need to be treated equally if I am going to compete with the competition.

The next question is “who targeted me” and “when will the next attack come”?


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4 thoughts on “We Dodged a Bullet: Google Did Not Ban The Conservative Monster”

  1. I’m glad you weren’t banned. If you put up a link for the Mo hammed movie, that may be the problem with our gubermint.

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