What is so Secretive About this Communist Agenda?

What is so Secretive About this Communist Agenda?

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

Why is it that anyone that dares to mention the Communist agenda is targeted to be silenced? What is it that they are so afraid of the people knowing? Why do Communists hide their identity in public behind labels such as Liberal, Democrat or Libertarian? Are they ashamed or are they hiding something else?  

The Communists are still up in arms about Winston Churchill’s speech where he said that a “Gestapo would be needed to limit free speech if Socialism was imposed”. Why did he say this? Churchill knew that the people would rise up once they got a real dose of Socialism. When they see that they were lied to about how ‘equal’ everything will be distributed.  

Obama preaches Marxist talking points like redistribution of wealth and class warfare, but then he laughs off that he is called a Socialist. What is he hiding? Why don’t he just admit that he is a Marxist and these are Marxist talking points. Then explain to the sheep how Marxism will be good for their family.

Who was it that ordered the media to only use words like “Class warfare” and “Redistribution of Wealth” instead of using Communism or Socialism? Why are The Democrats so afraid for these words to be spoken? Why are the Republicans afraid to say them in the media?

When the Leftists call the Republicans ‘crazy and paranoid’ for even bringing up the subject of Communism? The Republicans answer should be “Communists always use words like ‘crazy and paranoid’ to try and discredit the message of their opponents”. Shining light on their agenda is a way to silence them and send them running. It is like throwing Holy Water onto a vampire.

Why do Republicans lie to the American people when they say that Communism is dead, but it is still alive and well in China, North Korea, Cuba and in the Democrat Party propaganda machine. Russia’s Putin is not going away anytime soon. Cancer might shorten the Chavez dictatorship in Venezuela.

This is the best part. Do these useful idiots for the Democrat Party really believe that Michael Moore wants to share his money with them? No, he doesn’t. Moore wants to be part of the Elitist Snobs Club as the peasants fight over scraps of bread. Moore should donate half of his wealth to charities and then I will believe him, but he should shut his lying trap until then. 


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