Why does the media glorify drug addicts?

Steve Cooper
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The death of baseball Hall of Famer, Gary Carter inspired me to write this article, because the media will practically ignore his death. Why? Because he was a REAL ROLE MODEL and the media wants to remove all real role models from society. The unbalanced coverage of Carters death and Whitney Houston’s death is already blatantly obvious.

I have studied the left wing media day and night since 2003. Everything that the media does is calculated to promote one thing and that is ‘The decay of society’. This is why many of the radical leftists like Ron Paul want drugs to be legal, because this is a great way to erode society from within. Ron Paul supporters are not ‘enthusiastic’, but MOST of them are high on drugs.     

The reason that the media glorify drug addicts like Lohan, Charlie Sheen and Whitney Houston is to poison the minds of the youth. The “left wingers” want Lohan, Charlie Sheen and Whitney Houston to be the role models rather than classy baseball players like Gary Carter. 

The media did the same overkill when Heath Ledger died. You would think that  a world leader died….WHO CARES?

Society must be chaotic economically and socially to justify their agenda. That agenda is a Police State. Of course ratings is another reason why the media plays up to the “lowest mutts of society”, rather than classy men like Gary Carter and Walter Payton, because there is no negative story to report.

Besides Gary Carter; Walter Payton was another great example. Payton was the first to break Jim Brown’s rushing record, but the media barely gave the man more than one minute of air time when he died. The Chicago media probably gave Payton more air time, but my point is that Payton was a role model for greatness and Whitney Houston was not.  

Herman Cain is another example. The Democrats and their stooges in the media can’t stand to see a black man that is not reading their ‘Script of Socialism’. Cain was attacked and ridiculed in the media rather than portrayed as a role model, because he is a successful businessman. The Democrats don’t want strong black men like Cain to be seen, because it discredits their argument about racism and portraying the black man as a victim. The goal of ‘the left’ is not to help the black race; their goal is to keep them weak and dependent on government assistance.    

The left wing media never bashes the violent thugs that protest at Occupy Wall Street, because these radicals are their foot soldiers being used to impose this agenda. The Occupy Wall Street protesters are being funded by the same super wealthy that they claim to despise. Nancy Pelosi, Obama and the Communist plants in the media brutalized the Tea Party daily, but they embrace the Occupy Wall Street crowd.    

This is why they fight to keep the homeless on the streets rather than in shelters, because they don’t mind using these people as props for their agenda.


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