6 thoughts on “Why doesn’t Rand Paul leave the Republican Party and join the Libertarian Party?”

  1. I’m going with your gut instinct Steve. Too many saboteurs, I don’t trust any of those politicians. Even thou I voted for Cruz, he’s going to have to earn my trust.

  2. What is left to undermine? The GOP is DEAD – thanks to def establishment RINOs like McCain and Gramnesty.

    These assholes have had ample opportunity to show some level of leadership and have utterly failed at every turn. Fast & Furious? Birth Certificate? Sequester? Debt Ceiling? Immigration? Anything???? The GOP is filled with a bunch of apathetic, fat, dumb and happy establishment types who are perfectly contented to sell this country down the river because they are convinced their fun will last until they die and that the end for the country will come after they are gone. They are selfish, incompetent COWARDS and they all deserve to HANG. Their calculations of fun/SHTF may be seriously flawed. Oh what fun it will be to see these derelict assholes being dragged down the steps of the Capitol building on their way to having their brains scattered all over the street by the people who have trusted them to SERVE the public but realize they have been screwing us, our children and all future generations.

    There is a day of reckoning not far off.

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