Why is there no economic crisis in Russia or China?

Russian President Putin

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Why is it that United States and Europe are facing an economic crisis daily, but Russia and China are not?

The threat of Islamic terrorism is being hung over the heads of capitalist countries by Russia  and China through their terror proxy Iran. It doesn’t take a political genius to figure out what’s going on here. Terrorism is being used as extortion against United States and Europe to suppress capitalism or face the consequences.

9/11 was the ‘Final Phase’ of the war against Capitalism, but the sheep are brainwashed to only say the words “Never Forget”. The enemy has the American people eating out of their filthy hands.

The 9//11 attacks were used to drag the USA into bloody and expensive wars. Then, American Communists undermined US Troops with liberal rules of engagement to ensure that they didn’t have an advantage over Muslim terrorists.

Communist environmental groups do their part by suppressing energy production with protests and lawsuits by using the environment as an excuse.

The Russians are allowed to drill baby drill, but not the United States.
The environmentalists seem to have no problem with Russian oil. Sure, they might say something publicly but they don’t use strong arm tactics against the Russian government like they use against the United States.

  • Terrorism is also being used to make sure that the global economy is balanced and that means the United States is not allowed to lead the world anymore.
  • Socialists are pushing for massive overspending to weaken economies, raise the debt and enslave the population.
  • Russia and China have both made it known that they want a new world currency other than the US dollar. Obama is accommodating them…
  • Crushing inflation and oppressive taxes will destroy freedom; that is the goal.

Just take a look at Obama’s philosophy on the economy:

  • Obama is all for Government jobs except when they are strengthening the National Defense.
  • Spend and blame Bush…

Only The Conservative Monster and a handful of other sites would dare comment about the real conspiracy the global economy is facing.

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7 thoughts on “Why is there no economic crisis in Russia or China?”

  1. i was a staunch republican until 2009 when i left to be an idependent… i blame the spineless republicans in the house and senate for all that is happening the past 4 years.. i cannot impress upon you how important it will be to be able to defend yourselves in the coming years… so here it is again… GATHER WEAPONS AND AMMO… WHILE YOU CAN…

    1. Russia and China are using Muslim terrorism as extortion against the USA and Europe. The Democrats are converting the USA to Socialism, because they are collaborators. Bush should have vaporized Iran in 2006, declared Martial Law and then order the arrest of top Democrats that were collaborating with Russia and Iran.

      That is how you deal with this…

    2. You also need to stock up now on uniforms. When the war starts you will not be able to get any as just under 90 percent of all clothing is made outside the US. A places like China (imports up 275% in 10 years) makes almost four time as much clothing sold in the US as is made in the US and Vietnam (up 1300% in 10 years) also makes a lot.

  2. “Why is it that United States and Europe are facing an economic crisis daily, but Russia and China are not?”

    The reasons are simple:
    1 – Lots of people in the US took out loans that were to big. If they have a job then most of the money they make is going to pay off the loans and the little they have left over they send to China (point #3). In Russia and China it is much harder to take out a loan, any loan. Most people have no debt and can spend only what is in their pocket.
    2 – Russia has lots of gas and oil to sell. Europe wants to buy all it can. Russia is taking in lots of money.
    3 – WalMart and lots of other stores buy almost everything in China. China is making lots of money and everyone works (they are in fact looking for more workers).

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