Why Israel Needed to Hit Syria Before Iran

Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster

Many times people would question me when I would say that Israel needs to strike Syria FIRST, before they hit Iran.

The answer is STRATEGY and this was long overdue.

  • Syria is closer to Israel
  • Syria has been arming Hezbollah in Lebanon with Iranian weapons
  • Iran will be put into an offensive position rather than defensive
  • Iran has a pact to defend Syria from any attack and now the ball is in their court

This is a feeling out process. Obama and Hillary Clinton put Israel into a bad spot by decapitating the leaders of Libya and Egypt. The Muslim terrorists have lots of room to train now.

Obama helped Iran by withdrawing US Troops from Iraq. This was a sign to Moscow and Iran that Obama is ready to play ball with them. The enemy within…

Putin and Obama have something up their sleeves and no matter what; the end game is to make Israel look like the BAD GUY.

Did Obama ask Bibi to bomb Syria as a distraction for the Benghazi hearings this week?



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28 thoughts on “Why Israel Needed to Hit Syria Before Iran”

  1. In the making – false flag attempt by Kokesh on 4th of July in DC.


    Paul W Davis said…

    Adam Kokesh is a communist provocateur. It is interesting that he was/is extensively tied to Russia Today which is a mouthpiece of Vladimir Putin and the FSB. I doubt seriously that tie has actually ended and their support of Adam is more in the shadows, but there nonetheless.

    Russia would love to see a civil war and unrest in the United States as it would suit their ends in so many ways.

    Adam Kokesh’s call for an armed march on Washington also suits the end of creating the excuse Obama needs to declare martial law (See, we have a rebellion on our hands…) AND would create a viable distraction for the U.S. military at a time when we can least afford it.

    Presently, the financial and social resistance to to communist agenda is working. It is slow, but far more effective in marginalizing the statist agitators and drawing people to the ranks of adhering to the Constitution as written.

    I do believe that we walk through a minefield and one false step will play into the hands of the adversaries and we will lose more than what we have gained to this point. The battle over the understanding of the Second Amendment has turned in favor of those who love liberty. This action called for by Kokesh would likely reverse that.


    1. Thank you so much for bringing this , Prioritate. My God, any 5 YEAR OLD could understand this information. Isn’t it funny that the truth is always the most simple and usually right before our eyes!

        1. What ? Pls. let me know if I misunderstood something so I can go back and read it again.
          It sucks to get old I tell you!!

  2. Okay, got it. I only had time to read the first line, Steve. You are absolutely correct in my opinion on the strategic purposes involved in Israel’s handling of Syria. I don’t like too often to say I just somehow knew this thing, but I have to tell you this time, I did.
    I have world and USA maps all up and down my main hallway which help me visualize what I read or hear in the news (including The Conservative Monster!!) . I don’t believe in fortune tellers or prescience but I believe that when using your reptilian brain (amygdala) while the CEO is asleep in the frontal lobe…(don’t laugh! I’m serious!) an enhanced sense of logical conclusion comes to mind. It’s pretty much the way I go about my life.
    When I began to gather info in regards to the unrest in the Middle east, the war was beginning in Tunisia. This was near the new year of 2009 I believe. (coincidence that the FRAUD was voted in? I don’t think so). I sort of always knew where it would break out next. I’m in total agreement with your analysis.
    Now let me go read it… LOL.
    Truly though, I am being serious and I think you’re capable of this simple pattern of thought. Is it even possible for you to let the CEO take a nap?

      1. You have scared me since I’ve known you Coop..cause your so dead on .. I used to come to you in tears with worries and fears. .anger..I still have those..but took your advice and live everyday to the fullest in between the shit..but the shit keeps piling up .. at least I don’t feel as alone as I did like in 08 09 ..thanks to you ..big part thanks to you.. really love and appreciate you Steve ..so does my zoo

        1. If only more people had that mindset. It HAS to be real to work though. Life is a bitch for sure Kristi, unless you’re born into a large family with a few sibs in it who can help you to shake things off. My cousin recently posted a lovely sentiment, ‘Bitches get Shit done’!
          So, for me the issue still remains because I don’t do things like other people (around me in general), about 70% of the time.
          My mum always had the right answer for me, always told me to “take it with a grain of salt”. That’s what the English do and it’s a DOGGONE curse (sometimes) that my brain cells came from my father’s side.

      2. Isn’t it something? You know my college years and early jobs were in journalism. At that time I would dream or think upon waking of one subject or another only to go downstairs and find it in the paper. Those were the days of simplicity for me. I’m paying for it all now. WRITE THAT BOOK, YOU!

        1. I’d love Coop to write a book .. have a radio show..be on cable tv instead of these morons following scripts feeding bs thinking there going somewhere..a guy with a dog and guts and brutal honesty as he really sees it ..not in it for the riches cause we know you sure could use donations ..but does it for love of this ..our Country ..
          Benghazi has me full of anger and anxiety again..hopeful those will pay but realizing the left can murder the Pope on live TV and no doubt get out of it ..
          Still I’m praying…cause I do know God…and I’m hopeful for those familys ..
          F N commies ..hate them ..
          My dad is still watching over you Coop ( my Angel too )

          1. TY Krissi, I need to get a few things straight before I even try a book. I have so many projects working right now and I need some software changes to make this all happen much easier. Thanks for the support…

        1. Cece I left FB never looked back..I added you a week or so ago to my twitter..I come here sometimes scan news and keep and eye on Coop 🙂 cant go a day without some Steves thoughts ..

          1. Oh good. See you on Twitter! I was an “early adopter” of Twitter but found out the “adoptee” had ADHD! lmao….
            I’ll get on there though. I also have CaConservative4 if you’d like to follow me there.

  3. I read it and agree with you 100%, Steve.
    I hope you don’t think I’m crazy with all the brain talk because actually I’m only trying to give you tips on how I would write the book. You just can’t think too much. It has to be a labor of love. In my opinion anyway. Have you ever noticed you can read anger between the lines in news pieces sometimes? I read a silly little newsletter the other day by a board member in some town near me. She should’ve had it proof read because her tone way out weighed her content. Very off putting.

    1. I forgot to mention that Syria would attack Israel if Israel attacked Iran first. Since Syria is closer to Israel they have to be taken out of the way first.

  4. Steve has an unusual gift of common sense. Sometimes it’s his curse, cause he has to deal with lot’s of folks out there that lack it. lol Except for the Conservative Monsters out there, we tend to be ahead of the game. Thank’s to you Steve 🙂

    1. it can be a curse because people just can’t believe it …nobody is ever 100% percent correct. Israel should have done this long time ago..

  5. We’ll be here. Can’t wait for your intelligent informative editorial. Thank’s Steve.

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