Why the Communists Killed Kennedy

Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist member of the pro-Castro Fair Play for Cuba Committee and, after his arrest, tried to reach Communist Party USA attorney John Abt to act as his counsel. “Before Mr. Abt could accept or reject the bid, Mr. Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby,” The New York Times noted.


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  1. as Hillary would say… how important is it? why was Reagan not memorialized like this dipshit pos was???? and why the big deal 50 years later ???? because the whole family came from illegal prohibition money made by the father… a criminal at least… ted got his… Robert got his… now skakel is getting his… all murdering dipshits… every last one of them… and democrats too… lolz

  2. This topic has been studied for 50 years. It has been conclusively been shown that alone or in combination the primary suspects in the assassination of Kennedy are:
    * the CIA
    * the military-industrial complex
    * organized crime
    * Anti-Castro Cuban exiles
    * Lyndon Johnson
    * George H. W. Bush
    * Sam Giancana
    * J. Edgar Hoover
    * Earl Warren
    * the Federal Bureau of Investigation
    * the United States Secret Service
    * the John Birch Society
    * far-right wealthy Texans
    * Fidel Castro
    * the KGB
    * Aristotle Onassis
    * the government of South Vietnam
    * international drug lords
    Other than Fidel Castro, none of the people are Communists. In fact many of the people who did it, such as the John Birch Society, are strongly anti-Communists. Lee Harvey Oswald was a stupid idiot used to put everyone off the true trail.

    1. A former spy from Romania said that the Soviets killed JFK. He was there when his boss got the news from Moscow. http://www.amazon.com/Programmed-Kill-Harvey-Kennedy-Assassination/dp/1566637619/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1385217538&sr=8-2&keywords=programmed+to+kill

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