Wiki Leaks Documents Prove George Bush Was Correct on WMD’s and the Iranian Threat

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The left wing loons at Wiki Leaks actually did Bush a favor by releasing these documents.

1. The files claim that chemical weapons were found in Iraq.

The Russians helped Saddam move most of the WMD’s to Syria and the rest were dumped into the Indian Ocean. This was admitted by one of Saddam General’s. Satellite images of the truck convoy moving the WMD’s was also well known, but not reported by the media.

Why did Bush not bring this issue up? He did not want a conflict with that KGB nut, Putin. Also, I believe he struck a deal with Putin to keep quiet about the Russian involvement with moving the weapons in exchange for Putin’s endorsement for Bush in the 2004 election. I was surprised when that happened, but it was then I realized that a deal was made to keep the dirt on Russian hidden forever. It was another Bush blunder, I would have exposed the Russian involvement. 

Plus, there have been many other accounts of chemical suits and masks found by U.S. Troops that belonged to Iraqi soldiers in case they got the order to use chemical or bio weapons against U.S. Troops.

2. The files link Iran to the Iraqi militias, but this is old news. Iran has been involved in a proxy war with the USA since the start and they need to be erased from the map for their deeds. It is time to stop wasting blood and money. Smash them now and tell Putin to shove it. The Russians and Chinese are using Iran as a proxy against the USA and the only idiots that deny this fact are left wingers and Ron Paul loons. 

3. Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, because he knew that Al Qaeda
executed 9/11 under the direction of Iran. Invading Iraq and Afghanistan
surrounded Iran and that part was brilliant, but lacking the guts to
smash the enemy made victory very difficult. It also cost us much
precious American blood.

4. The files also claim that Iran crossed the Iraqi border to arrest those left wing space cadet hikers. That makes them guilty of kidnapping Americans.

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