Wikileaks: Al Qaeda threatens a ‘nuclear hell storm’ if Bin Laden captured or killed

Ayman Zawahiri –  #2 man in Al Qaeda (#1 now) and linked to the Russian FSB

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

“Bin Laden out lived his usefulness and he was needed for political
purposes. That purpose was to give Obama, ‘the KGB asset’ a boost in his
– Steve Cooper

I find it interesting that this article stating that a “nuclear hell storm” would be unleashed on the USA if Bin Laden was captured or killed was released 5 days before the psychopath was killed by U.S. Navy Seals, CIA and other assorted Special Ops that did a fantastic job.

Many American people were celebrating and excited when the news broke about Bin Laden’s death, but that is because most of them have no clue what is about to happen. After all it was this stupidity that put a Marxist in the White House in the first place so nothing shocks me these days.

For many months I said on this website and on my Facebook pages that after over 8 years of watching this war on terror with a microscope I have come to the conclusion that a ‘staged’ and ‘limited’ world war will be coming our way soon. There will be many reasons, but the basics will be to gain control of the food supply, water, global economy and eventually create a world communist government. The economy is already tied into one big ‘global knot’ already and the foundation of this world government is already in place.

The problem is that this ‘global knot’ has not effected or changed your life yet. So, most of you could not care less as long as you have Dancing with the Stars and your cell phone. You are happy as a pig in shit, but that is about to end.   

On May 1st, 2011, I posted this article when the news broke about the death of Bin Laden at the hands of our bravest warriors.  Bin Laden shot DEAD. Is this setting the stage for something big?. Earlier that day, I told two people (one Monster fan and one personal friend) that while I was driving today I got a strong feeling that something is coming very soon to shove us into this ‘staged’ world war very soon.

Approximately, 5 hours later the news story broke about the Bin Laden being killed in Pakistan. Both people that I spoke with earlier contacted me in astonishment, but I was not surprised. Why? Because I have been waiting and watching for this day and night for over 8 years. I have been shouting about the Muslim and communist threat since the Jimmy Carter days (I have friends that witnessed this).  

This nuclear hell storm will be blamed on the death of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, but the real enemy pulling the strings behind this will be Russia and China. It is no secret that they are the muscle behind Iran and they are using them as a proxy in this war against the United States.

Jeff Nyquist is the leading expert on Russia and the Soviet Union. He stated that a Russian KGB defector once told him that “if you ever hear of Muslims attacking the USA with a nuclear weapon, do not believe it, because it will be the Russians behind it”. Is Al Qaeda a Kremlin Proxy?

The staged rallies in the Middle East and the killing of Bin Laden will be used as propaganda to whip up the radical Muslims into a frenzy against the United States and Israel. Hamas has already come out and denounced the killing of Bin Laden as “more spilling of Muslim blood by the USA”.

The real problem is that we lack the balls to smash Iran and Pakistan into the stone ages, because they are really the driving force behind Al Qaeda as Russian and Chinese proxies. Iran and Pakistan is the ‘line in the sand’ folks. Once war is declared on them, WW III is on and that is why Bush did not flatten Iran when he really should have. 


How many young college kids walk around with American flags and Obama/Biden signs at midnight on a Sunday night in Times Square and DC? Not many. I believe this is why Obama’s press conference announcing the death of Bin Laden was delayed. So, he could put his props (useful idiot college kids) into place for the media.  Useful idiot college kids

I have also talked about the alliance between ‘the American LEFT’ and our Marxist and Muslim enemies many times on this site. The timing of this mission is very suspect. This was a huge boost for Obama after weeks of attacks from Donald Trump for Obama to prove his eligibility. I find it interesting that this mission was executed just days after he releases a Photohop copy of his certificate of live birth. The mission was supposed to go down on Saturday night and the reason for that is so it would dominate the Sunday morning political talk shows.

This killing of Bin Laden news has the American Marxists jumping for joy and they already want to cancel the next election so Obama can be a dictator for life. I have seen many comments by Leftists saying “cancel the election’. Well, killing Bin Laden is not enough.

The American Left has sabotaged the “war on terror” countless times during the Bush years, but now all of the sudden they are patriots? If Bush had killed Bin Laden like this the leftards would be in an uproar right now trying to incite our enemies even more. This is how they behave. Was a deal made to ‘throw Obama a bone’ so his popularity would sky rocket? My opinion is 100% YES. The International Marxists are really running this Islamic war against the USA and Israel as they are using Muslims as their foot soldiers. The average person has no clue about the Marxist involvement with Muslim terrorism.

Bin Laden out lived his usefulness and he was needed for political purposes
. That purpose was to give Obama, ‘the KGB asset’ a boost in his polls. China and Iran do not want capitalist Donald Trump breathing down their necks. Obama is way more accommodating to their globalist agenda of tyranny than Mr. Trump is. 

Ayman Zawahiri, the #2 man in Al Qaeda will most likely take over now. He has been linked to the Russian FSB by Alexander Litvinenko (the KGB agent that was poisoned in 2006). He is way more radical than Bin Laden and he is the centerpiece of the Kremlin link to Al Qaeda.

That is why I believe that the decision to help Obama and assure his re-election came from Moscow. Yes, that is right. I believe that the ‘blessing’ for this mission came from Putin and I do not care what the news says about the CIA or anything else. Zawahiri, the Russians main man is now at the drivers seat of Al Qaeda…for now at least. Lets just see what happens in the coming days.

Bin Laden shot DEAD. Is this setting the stage for something big?

Al-Qaeda terrorists have threatened to unleash a “nuclear hellstorm” on the West if Osama Bin Laden is caught or assassinated

Is Al Qaeda a Kremlin Proxy?

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