WikiLeaks and Russia: Give Julian Assange the Nobel Peace Prize. Medvedev: Calls for Organizations to Help Assange

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Is Julian Assange really just a front man for a Russian spy network? Is he their KGB Blogger? Are Russian spies and plants within the U.S Government leaking information and Assange is their Internet connection to spread the documents? It would not shock me if he was along with the 9/11 truther websites that are out there. It would not shock me if they were all linked to Russian Intelligence Services somehow.

Why is Fox News not reporting about the Russian approval of these leaks? Where is Hillary? I would love to hear her opinion on why her buddies in Moscow want Assange to get a Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Peace Prize is really an awar for Marxist of the Year. Obama won last years…

Ron Paul the closet leftist supports and defends WikiLeaks enemy combatant Julian Assange and now so do the Russians? Why am I not shocked? Tea Party sheep still defend Ron Paul and it is because they would not know a communist if they were run over by one. Most of you have no clue that about 1/3 of the people at these tea parties are left wing libertarians.

Now you all know why 9/11 truthers and Ron Paul loons (9/11 Truthers and Ron Paul loons are Soviet sympathizers) are on the watch list, because many of them are left wing revolutionaries just like Obama and Van Jones. Left wingers want revolution; conservatives are reactionaries. There is a difference. Revolution will just bring us massive civil unrest and a police state.

The real problem is that our system of checks and balances has been corrupted by communist infiltration. Our wonderful leaders in the U.S. Military have betrayed their oaths to allow this to happen. Basically, they are IN ON IT.

I am not shocked by the large movement to defend Assange (who is being accused of sex crimes by two women) as a hero to the Marxist left and mentally ill Libertarian scum like Ron Paul. You are living in a dream world if you think that this WikiLeaks is just some amateur BS. This is part of a professional spy network and conspiracy that is most likely linked to Moscow. The recent spy caper that was uncovered proves that I am correct, because espionage increased after the staged collapse of the Soviet Union, but you will never hear that from Newt Gingrich or Sean Hannity.      

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