WikiLeaks Proves that Obama and Hillary are Unfit to Lead

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Both parties are the same? Listen sheep, the media would be going INSANE blaming George Bush if he were President during the greatest leak in American history. The LEFT would be screaming “It happened on YOUR WATCH, BUSH”. Instead of blaming Obama or Hillary, the media seems to be blaming a blogger and some schmuck left winger in the Army, Pvt Manning. By the way, Pvt. Manning is seen as a hero to the 9/11 truther movement.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton lack the guts to cleanse this country of the communist infiltrators inside of the U.S. Government, because they themselves have also played a big part in poisoning this nation from within. I am no fan of John McCain, trust me, but I was stuck voting for the lesser of two evils thanks to the media, the congress and the Senates lack of vetting of Obama the Zero.

ANYONE that voted for this imbecile should walk the streets with their heads lowered in shame, because you have disgraced this nation and the patriots that spilled precious American blood fighting to keep it free from tyranny around the globe.

If Obama and Hillary really loved this country they should resign due to the worst leak of information ever in the history of this country and it happened on THEIR WATCH. I am positive that the media will forget all about this in 2012, if there even is another election at this point. Of course they will not resign, because power and their agenda means more to them then the welfare of this nation or national security.

The communist threat is very real (domestic and abroad) and it is advancing around the globe faster than ever before. I have mentioned the Russian and Chinese proxies thousands of times on this website. So, this is no secret to you if you are a regular reader.

There were a few articles questioning whether Hillary Clinton should resign and I had a feeling that was going to come from Obama lovers that want to block any chance of her opposing the Kenyan Usurper in 2012. I do believe that she will be Obama’s VP choice. Lets see.

This WikiLeaks disaster is proof that we are deeply infiltrated by communists just like Senator McCarthy warned us about almost 50 years ago. It would not shock me if Julian Assange SECRETLY seeks asylum in Moscow to avoid an Interpol arrest.

McCarthyism is the only thing that will save us.

Senator McCarthy’s Ghost is Watching: Communist Infiltration Behind the WikiLeaks Dump?

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