WikiLeaks Reveal Secret Plans for NATO to Defend Baltics from a Russian Attack. Putin Slams the West for Jailing Julian Assange

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

I created a NEW* WikiLeaks category on The Conservative due to all of these news stories.

So, I guess Putin is supporting and defending a man that is being charged with sex crimes from TWO women? That was the real reason why he was arrested and he is being held as a flight risk. Not that hard to figure out.

BUT, the really damaging news is that secret plans were released in these WikiLeaks cables that NATO was planning on defending the Baltics from a Russian invasion. I heard about this the other day, but just did not get around to posting it until now.

This is a grave danger to the USA, as well as Europe, Poland and the Baltics. All of the debate about Assange is a joke, because he is clearly an enemy combatant due to his INTENT to undermine American intelligence, our relationships, Military, NATO and National Security. FRY HIM and throw that idiot Ron Paul on his lap when you flick the switch.  

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