Will Hillary Clinton’s Testimony Be “Dead Men Can’t Talk”?

Steve Cooper


I gave this some thought and I have a strong feeling that:

Hillary Clinton will redirect blame to Ambassador Stevens about the lack of security at the US Consulate in Libya when she finally testifies about the 9/11 attack that killed 4 Americans.


“Dead men CAN’T TALK…”

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1 thought on “Will Hillary Clinton’s Testimony Be “Dead Men Can’t Talk”?”

  1. UPDATE – The State Dept is denying that a date has been set to testify, but Congress is claiming that the date is Jan 22, a Tuesday.

    When I first heard this date…I knew that Hillary would want to change it to a Thursday or Friday. Suddenly, the Tuesday date is now not confirmed by the State Dept.

    Later in the week is better for Hillary, because they news will disappear over the weekend. Less people are watching the news.

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