Will the Ron Paul-tards undermine Romney when the time is right?

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Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

FIRST, I am cutting right to the chase to say that Romney will be the chosen one, nominee. Your vote means nothing and I am letting you know this right now. It will be Romney, so put your little Fox News pom poms away and wake the hell up. You are dreaming if you can’t see the push to try to brainwash you all that Romney is the only one that can beat Obama. 

I predicted that both Perry and Cain would be taken down and I have been right twice already. Newt is just a distraction so you sheep are not talking about Cain any longer and this also worked. Then, Newt will be taken down too and that will just leave Romney.

Even Rush said that the media is assuming that Romney will be the “Golden Boy GOP Nominee” and they are NOT criticizing MITT ONE BIT. The media has had a field day with Perry, Cain, Bachmann and Newt though. Mike Huckabee was on Fox saying that Romney was already vetted in 2008 by the media. What a bunch of BS. He is covering Fox’s ass for Rush exposing their Pro-Romney bias  

SECOND, The Ron Paul-tards are not conservatives, they are closet Marxists that infiltrated the Republican Party and they are further left than Obama. They shout that they are conservatives, because they want you to believe it if you hear it enough. Then they shout 100% pure anti-Capitalism, anti-War Communist propaganda to confuse you.

The media also doesn’t touch Ron Paul, because they like that he is a
‘closet Soviet’, Al Qaeda groupie. The media is hoping that Ron Paul
will be the 3rd Party candidate since the polls are so close between
Romney and Obama. I am very suspicious why Fox has not outed this fraud
Ron Paul yet. This is why I don’t trust them either.

The leftist media is worried that the Communist voter fraud machine
might not pull through for Obama. So, they are looking at ‘closet
Soviet’ Ron Paul for some help.    

Most of these Paul-tards voted for Obama, but they will lie to your face and say they didn’t, but they did. How do I know this? The radical Libtard-arians were screaming from the roof tops that John McLame was a war mongering, Neo-Con.

The Libtard-arians hated McLame more than Obama, because they feared that he would attack their buddies in Iran. Iran is a close ally of Moscow and Ron Paul-tards. Put 2+2 together folks, it is not rocket science. It really makes me sick that I have to repeat the same crap over and over, because most of you are so damn brainwashed …you can’t see what I see with my eyes closed.

The polls are too close for comfort and the “closet leftist” Paul-tards will go after Romney relentlessly to ensure that Obama wins. They want a revolution and they want Obama in office to help get it started. Expect this to happen whether their leader Ron Paul runs as an Independent or not. Ron Paul’s followers are very similar to the followers of Jim Jones and I wish that they would drink the Kool Aid already….

Are Ron Paul Supporters Obama’s Secret Weapon?

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