Will the UN and Gays Unite Against the Vatican to Accept a Global Tax and Gay Marrage?

Steve Cooper
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Here are some comments that I posted on Facebook about this topic:

Will the gay lobby push the UN Human Rights commission to force the Vatican to accept gay marriage or it will be considered a hate crime?

Liberals want Pope Francis to ‘clean up’ the Catholic Church, but they would have a heart attack if gay priests were targeted in the process. Once gay marriage is the law of the land, churches will be threatened to marry gays or lose their tax free status.

The pressure that will come from the UN against the Vatican will be bigger than ever seen before. Just wait..

A Bishop stated on CNN that Pope Francis is into social justice and wealth redistribution to the poor.

There will be a lot of pressure on this Pope by the UN to convince the world that a global tax is needed to rid the world of poverty. Global warming…

A Bishop was interviewed on CNN saying Pope Francis was into social justice. Bill Donahue from the Catholic League said it too…he is into social justice.

Will the Catholic Church be forced to go along with the NWO or face losing their tax free status on their American wealth? Many pro-abortion Democrats are Catholics, because they are Socialists first and Catholics second.
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1 thought on “Will the UN and Gays Unite Against the Vatican to Accept a Global Tax and Gay Marrage?”

  1. The Catholic Church abandoned speaking out against tyranny after John Paul II was shot by the Muslims and Russians.

    Leftists are pro gay marriage, because it destroys the traditional family and they can label churches as Homophobic & hateful

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