Will there be a Christmas Terrorist Surprise this Year?

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative Monster.com

“I find it very interesting that the USA and Europe are on high alert for terrorism, but Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela are not. Think about it…” – Steve Cooper

We are not only dealing with just a war against Capitalism, but this is also a war against GOD by Marxists and Muslims. I am the only person that keeps repeating the same thing over and over and that is “we are seeing a war against capitalism daily and it is coming from Marxists and their Muslim foot soldiers.

If you dare point out that Muslims are at war with US, you are immediately smeared as a racist, because they want to scare you away from speaking the truth. These people (Marxists and Muslims) are not only enemies of freedom, but they are enemies of the truth as well.

Last years Christmas bombing came from a Muslim terrorist that was allegedly trained by Al Qaeda in Yemen. I suspect that the thumbs up for this attack came directly from Iran due to their strong links to Al Qaeda in Yemen. Yemen is the perfect location for Iranian backed terrorists to train, because it is on the border of their rival and enemy, Saudi Arabia.

Notice that today’s attacks in Rome, just two days before Christmas was supposedly executed by an Anarchist. Anarchists are united with the Marxists and Muslims as well (many of them are 9/11 truthers) and many of them are fanatical Atheists. So, these Rome attacks did not shock me considering that the Marxists have been rioting in Italy the past few weeks.  

I am not predicting an attack on Christmas, BUT I think that one is
very possible somewhere in the world. It is very likely that one will be
attempted in the USA judging by how juiced up this global Marxists and Muslim revolution is lately.

Merry Christmas, but BE READY 

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