World Bank President: ‘We are one major shock away from a crisis’

Steve Cooper
The Conservative

“The goal of this ‘staged’ economic crisis is to start more wars, drive up oil and food prices
as much as possible to create a ‘global humanitarian crisis’. This will justify
and sell the people into accepting world government as the only
answer.” – Steve Cooper 

Back in the summer of 2008 I told all of my family and friends that we are on the cusp of something major. A major economic crisis is coming soon and the U.S. economy is about to be attacked by communists, because they want to bring down the U.S. Government and freedom. Everyone looked at me like I was insane, but that changed in mid September 2008 when the ‘staged’ economic crisis happened.

That crisis was ‘staged’ to assist Obama in his election, because his polls were crashing at that time. A major distraction was needed to take the attention off of Obama’s association with Rev. Wright and the fact that he is not a natural born citizen (his father is Kenyan). Powerful International forces made this staged collapse happen, because they wanted Obama in the White House as their front man and they were not going to allow McCain to win. I do believe that the U.S. would have been hit with a major attack in 2009 if McCain won the election as punishment for voting against socialism. 

The World Bank President stated that ‘We are one major shock away from a crisis’. I have made this EXACT comment many times over the years on this website and others before The Conservative was created back in May 2009. The crisis in the Middle East today is also being staged to drastically raise the prices of oil, food and the ultimate goal to spill more American blood around the world. Russia is the #1 oil exporter in the world and they are benefiting from all of this, but the communist propaganda will say otherwise. They blame the evil American oil companies that Obama has banned from off shore drilling to keep us WEAK.

You are witnessing a war against capitalism and the major assault was kicked off on 9/11. Everything is being staged as we speak to force the collapse of the United States, the dollar and freedom as we used to know it. The International communists in Russia and China are the orchestrators  of this conspiracy and they are using Muslim terrorists as their foot soldiers trained by Iran. The American left are also very much a part of this conspiracy and they have been aiding the enemy for many years. I am investigating this way before Obama was a household name, so you left wing nuts can not call me a racist.

The contents contained in this article will never be stated on Cable TV News, because they do not want the people to know about this communist assault that is about to take place on freedom and the global economy. You will be blindsided and most people in the Tea Party have no clue about the international conspiracy behind all of this ‘over spending’.  

Terrorism is being used as extortion to redistribute American money throughout Russia and the Arab world. They want control of the world’s wealth and Muslim terrorism will be unleashed on us if we dare resist that control. George Bush and the Republicans resisted that control in the late 90’s and early 2000. What was the response? 9/11 and it was an attack that was planned by Marxist and Muslim terrorists.

The real purpose of 9/11 was to break the USA financially, by forcing us into wars spread out through out the globe that are not winnable due to communist saboteurs within the U.S. Government. Bush had the right idea, but he lacked the balls to follow through, because it would have sparked WWIII with Russia and China once Iran was attacked. Joe Biden threatened to impeach Bush if he attacked Iran back in 2006 and in my opinion this is treason. Biden gave aid and comfort to our mortal enemy Iran.   

The global economy is tied in one huge knot already. So, the foundation for global government is already in place, but the average person is blind and they can not see it. That will change very soon. Global government will be promoted as the only answer to end poverty and war, but it is really a plot to steal the world’s economy and freedom from the people. This global government will be Marxist. There will be no borders.   

The Republican party back in the 1980’s was our last hope to fight this communist assault against freedom, but they are now surrounded and powerless. It is just a matter of time and they know it. This is why many anti-communist Republicans are silent about this conspiracy, because they would be in danger to even mention it publicly. People like me are dismissed as crazy conspiracy theorists, but as you can see it is all falling into place as we speak. This is not a conspiracy theory; this is a CONSPIRACY.

The brainwashing is deep and serious. I can not tell you how many letters I have gotten over the years from people that fled communism. They tell me that I am 100% correct with everything I say and that they fear for the world when freedom collapses in the USA, because there will be no place left to flee to at that point.

Many of the clowns on the Internet that shout New World Order are really left wing provocateurs for the enemy and they are trying to provoke unrest to justify ‘Global’ Martial Law.

Watch for a major attack on Saudi Arabia to gain control of their oil.
This will set off a SHIT STORM and a possible attack against Israel at the same time. Do you think your SUV is expensive to fill up now? How does $9 a gallon grab you? That loaf of bread will not be $2.50 any longer either, because diesel prices will go through the roof making delivery very expensive and nearly impossible.    

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