World Peace Council will request the dissolution of NATO

By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Brazilian activist Socorro Gomes made this statement about NATO at the World Peace Council. “The World Peace Council, besides discussing broad issues for world peace, also will propose the dismantling of the North Atlantic military pact, something that is essential for peace,”.

This World Peace Council sounds like another Marxist front group to me. I am the only person on the Internet that still stresses the point that the Russian Marxists are still hell bent on destroying NATO, because they want to isolate Europe from the USA and weaken our alliance in the process.

Notice in the article Socorro Gomes mentions that increased unity between the USA and the EU is seen as a grave threat to world peace? This is really code words for a grave threat to Moscow and the Global Marxist movement. Socorro Gomes also states the communist buzz word “imperialism” over and over again throughout this article. You can guarantee that when you hear the word Imperialism being shouted, it is coming from a Marxist.

Socorro Gomes also uses the excuse of the collapse of the Soviet Union as a reason for NATO to be disbanded since it is not needed any longer. Who is he a pawn of to make such statements? Why should the security of Europe and the United States be put at risk, because some crazed Marxist thinks that Moscow is no longer a threat to the world. I guess he dismisses the Russians building a nuclear plant for Iran and now Venezuela as “good for world peace”? 

The Russians have stated to the Europeans in the past that “NATO can not guarantee their security”. What does this mean? Get the hell out of NATO now. One of the goals behind the staged collapse of the USSR was for the dismantling of NATO, because the Soviets wanted Europe to see them as not a threat any longer. The Europeans did not take the bait.

I am also the only person to notice that 9/11 took place just several months after George Bush gave a speech stating that the Ukraine and Georgia will be considered to be members of NATO. This speech took place in June 2001 and it most likely enraged Putin. It was also a sign that Bush was not looking to play ball with the Russians like Obama is doing today. The reset of Russian and American relations only took place when Obama the Marxist got is foot into the White House.

That Bush speech was made over nine years ago and still the Ukraine and Georgia have not been admitted into NATO. The 9/11 attacks were executed to derail any plans that Bush had to expand NATO and it was a message from Putin to Bush not to cross that line ever again. Bush did listen.

Any plans to expand NATO with former Soviet States would have been met with a crushing attack from Al Qaeda, the Iranian and Kremlin proxy. Why did Bush want to expand NATO? He wanted Putin to know that he was onto his plans to attack the USA via their proxies Al Qaeda and Iran. This is well documented by KGB defectors that have come forward stating that the USSR was still our grave enemy and that they were planning an attack on our homeland via Al Qaeda terrorists. 

Please read this all carefully and understand that you will never find this translation anywhere else on the Internet. It is the symbolic unity between the USA and the EU that upsets the Russians. We can do things under the banner of NATO that shields the USA from blame. 

P.S. – The left wing fraud Ron Paul also wants to disband NATO…. 

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