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Steve Cooper
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World Net Daily has been an inspiration to many Conservative websites, The Conservative included. I try to keep in touch with Joe Farah once in a while to let him know that the Monster fans back him 100%. I told him that I would let the Monster fans know about signing up for News Alerts. Joe said that “he appreciates the support” and I appreciate what he does at daily.

Conservatives have their backs to the wall, because of this well planned Global Communist and Muslim assault that we are witnessing against Capitalism. The lack of news coverage about the Obama Eligibility Issue and the release of an obvious fake birth certificate is a sure sign that we are in trouble. We are losing our voice.  

IN MY OPINION – Joe Farah chose to report the truth about the “Birther Issue” rather than sell out to the GOP Establishment and Fox News that wanted to bury the issue. Farah is a perfect example of what an honest journalist is all about; unlike the closet Soviet agents that we see today on Cable, Network News and the print media.

The media attacks ‘Birthers’, but they embrace ‘Warmers’ like Al Gore. We are living in a time of lies and deception where Global Warming (an obvious hoax and Socialist Conspiracy) is still portrayed as the truth even though the conspiracy was exposed during the Climate Gate scandal. 

The Conservative has very few powerful friends, because of the controversial topics that I take on. That is fine, because I was always a rebel at heart. It is good to be recognized by a man with integrity like Joe Farah. I also appreciate that support, Mr. Farah.   

The new look to  is excellent. –

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