Young Computer Genius Commits Suicide After Threat of Facing 35 Years in Jail

Steve Cooper

Aaron Swartz was a computer genius that created and the RSS feed. The NY Post is reporting that the police are investigating whether he committed suicide over the weekend.

The new generation of computer geeks want to be ‘computer anarchists’, because they believe that all information should be public and free. My best advice for them is to take a law class before they do something stupid. I have a feeling that Aaron Swartz was inspired by another idiot, Julian Assange of Wikileaks.

Maybe Assange will follow Swartz’s lead and kill himself next? I believe that he is still hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

What was in MIT’s computers that Swartz wanted to make public? Obviously some sensitive government material, because he was arrested by the Secret Service while trying to flee the scene by bicycle. The photo above was posted on The Smoking Gun and it was from a security camera that caught Swartz entering a basement where the MIT computer network was located

Someone left this comment on The Smoking Gun about the strict sentence for cyber crimes as compared to other crimes:

30 yrs for cyber crime; much much less for sexual assault(5-25), home invasion(10-25), kidnapping(1-25), Possessing child pornography(5-20). I think something is a little skewed here, when a computer crime is treated as worse than violence against people. Maybe I’m missing something, but something is wrong with this picture.


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4 thoughts on “Young Computer Genius Commits Suicide After Threat of Facing 35 Years in Jail”

  1. “Maybe I’m missing something, but something is wrong with this picture.”

    The writer is missing something. The missing factor is the number of people impacted. Many crimes are against only one person or only a few. Yes it can be very bad for those few people but it is only a few. Depending on the specific action, some forms of cyber crime impact hudreds, thousands, or even millions of people.

    For example the very simple Melissa virus back in 1999 infected over a million computers and caused about eighty million dollars in damage, not counting lost productivity, in the US alone. Good thing this virus was only a joke and the author did not plan to do anyone any harm.

  2. If you don’t want to do the time, don’t do the crime. Even if you’re some brilliant young punk who thinks what you’re doing is really trendy and cool, tough shit.

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