Young Obama: “Communist Revolution Inevitable”

Young Obama “Communist Revolution Inevitable”

Steve Cooper

I was watching a video of Dr. Drew giving a speech about his first meeting with a young Obama at Occidental College. It is chilling that the media is hiding the fact that Obama stated to Drew that “A Communist revolution in the USA is inevitable”.

Obama is painted by the Elitist controlled media as a ‘moderate’, because they are part of the Communist deception to keep the American people in the dark about the coming dictatorship. We are living in dangerous times of lies and deception. Why do you think super wealthy people are throwing cash at Obama? They want to give him absolute power and then be on his “A list” for generously donating to the Marxist cause.

The ‘super rich far left’ are growing restless with ‘Obama the Moderate’, because they didn’t donate their money with the purpose to fund a ‘moderate’. They donated their money with the purpose to fund a Marxist revolutionary that will give the Elite more status and smash the rest of us. These people are power hungry and greedy.

Raising the status of the poor is too expensive and it is NOT going to happen. It is much easier to smash the middle and upper middle class until they are almost equal to the poor people in society. After all, the Elite want to pay lower wages since they always brag about the “Chinese Economic Model’ in the NY Times.  The unions have a hard lesson coming. 

Dr Drew brought up an excellent point during his speech when he mentioned that “Communist revolutions only take place in countries that have a ‘weak’ middle class”. Well folks, they are working on that as we speak. It sickens me to write this.

The best part is that Obama told Dr Drew “That is crazy” when Drew suggested that Marxist revolution was not the answer. Drew stated “building up Democrat Part electoral politics” was the answer. Go figure….

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