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Steve Cooper

Ground Zero first responder, Retired Police Officer, Investigative Journalist and founder of Theconservativemonster.com


The Conservative Monster.com is a one man, anti-Communist think tank.


I report what the others HIDE.


THE MISSION of The Conservative Monster is to expose topics that are simply too hot for the media. Topics such as the Russian link to Islamic terrorism via Iran or Democrat race baiting to assist in a Communist Revolution via a race war.


This Revolution will bring Obama absolute power rather than the opposite that Libertarians believe.


DISCLAIMER – ALL commentary and analysis made by Steve Cooper on The Conservative Monster.com is based on HIS OPINION from years of research.


The Conservative Monster.com is NOT responsible for comments posted on this website by visitors expressing their opinion.


“Being anti-communist, doesn’t mean being anti-government. Why are they so paranoid? Their Marxist agenda is being exposed, that is why.”


– Steve Cooper

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  1. The reality could be the Chinese needing an excuse to find out whose satellites are trained or close to their own,
    They would need a very good excuse to be able to “patch in” to foreign held satellites, utilising an airliner is the best option, Its interesting why the Chinese are the ones most anxious to find this black box

  2. Blocking my comments proves you to be a cowardly opponent of the First Amendment of our Sacred Constitution. I guess you’re just a pussy with a keyboard. I have two words for you, coward, and one of them is ‘you’. Adios, you phony bastard.

  3. No thanks, steve. I don’t see you making much difference in the argument of ideas, nor do you make a case for the sanctity of our borders, culture, and Constitution. I’ve been blocked and ‘unfriended’ by many commies and liberal schmucks, now you can join that other neo-con mark levin as the (so far) only two ‘conservatives’ with a thin hide. At least I’m pretty sure you’ll NEVER vote for a democrat, so you have that going for you.

  4. Well here it is again.

    The Conservative Monster

    Today at 6:08 PM

    I guess this is what I should expect from a half-lit bulb. Hate cops!? Maybe cops like your small-man syndrome, simian attitude. I’d guess that badge was the only part of you that deserved respect. My Uncle and Godfather was the County Sheriff in one of the toughest regions of Southern Colorado, you wouldn’t equal a pimple on his honorable ass. You weren’t very well regarded in the community were you? You were just another revenuer in a fast car, parked by the speed trap lines. I don’t have to shout to make my point, joy boy. Unless you find some glee in trading insults, please refrain from further abuse. It’s also unimaginable that anyone would contribute hard earned money to your foolish conspiracies and insight. Good luck anyway, knucklehead.

    I didn’t see it in its entirety on your website. I figured it must hurt you emotionally.

  5. I guess not, your obnoxious reply requires my own. I resent being referred to as a ‘cop-hater and communist’ from a semi-literate hack of dubious credentials. Just because you like donuts doesn’t make you law enforcement. You could claim to be the King of France and you’d pick up another dozen followers. I’m sorry the world has left you in such a pathetic condition, but you only have your own dietary practices to blame. If you ever discover an original thought I’ll be surprised. Meanwhile, keep spreading the hate, it’s easy, it suits you, and you like it… you knucklehead.

  6. When i click in ur pages your page loads and as i read your content it forces me to another page what kind of third party content is listed is bringing me to force my browser to crash. I like your content but not what its doing to my Android device

  7. Thanks Steve, i appreciate it. Your a good man. I look forward to reading mord of your postings if i had a few dollars id would donate to your website. Hopefully in the future ill have more dinero to pass out to donate to your site. Take care

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