Axelrod blames Fox for birther myth

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By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

These Marxists are clever little propagandists. What Axelrod is really saying is that Fox News is not doing enough to make the birther issue go away. I guess he wants Glenn Beck to use his powers of hypnosis to cleanse the birther issue once and for all, but even the great Glenn Beck can not stop the Obama eligibility tidal wave.

I guess Axelrod wants Beck to part the ‘birther sea’ just like Moses did in the Ten Commandments? I would love to see Beck’s phone records, because he had to speak with someone from the White House about helping to make this issue go away. I would be shocked if he has not gotten a thank you call or a note from the White House thanking him for bashing the birthers and being the leader of the Anti-Birther movement. 

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