Conservative claims Matt Drudge refused his $5,000 ad about Frank Marshall Davis

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Conservative News Update:

Cliff Kincaid claims that Matt Drudge denied to accept his ad about Frank Marshall Davis. I am not sure when this took place, but I am posting it anyway.

This story is interesting, but I am not shocked since Matt Drudge is pals with Alex Jones. ‘Real Conservative’ Cliff Kincaid loves to expose and target the Infowars Guru that Drudge links to his website. I don’t believe Alex Jones was the reason for Drudge not running the ad, but I am just showing ‘who’ Matt likes to associate with. Jones is one of the shadiest characters on the Internet.

Here is a copy of the ‘not so controversial’ ad that Drudge reportedly refused to run for Cliff Kincaid. Pay me $5,000 and I will be glad to advertise it.

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  1. It’s rather ironic that the conservative Drudge Report refuses to run an ad from the even more conservative Cliff Kincaid. At least Drudge has SOME integrity, in contrast to Kincaid, whose disinformation campaign against the Davis-Obama relationship is the epitome of propaganda.

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