Europe Needs to Wean Itself From Russian Oil and Gas…and Fast

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Conservative News Update:

By Robert Coleman:

More importantly, however, Russia has the power to effectively cripple the European economy by shutting off access to its gas pipelines (many of which flow through Ukraine), a blow that could be delivered virtually overnight. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, and whether or not we reach this level of hostility, the mere possibility should strike a chord with Europeans and serve as a wake-up call that their position of energy dependence is a massive liability.


  1. We need to fracture some of our oil rich states and keep Europe supplied. If the Russian Czar Putin wants to be a conqueror, we really need to catch up.
    I was pissed the other day while watching a show on msnbc. The dumbness of them is monumental and their audience doesn’t even know they’re being insulted.
    She (or he?) said Obama was being somewhat hypocritical when he told Putin to get out of Ukraine. She seems to think that our going to Iraq was to conquer their land I guess. AMERICA HAS NEVER TAKEN THE SPOILS OF ANY LAND

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