First Lady Rolls Her Eyes At Boehner As He Jokes With President | RealClearPolitics

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  1. I dunno…Looks to me like Boner and Kenya Boy were yuck-yucking it up with each other. The First Wookie, hovering and shoveling like a lifer at chow time, doesn’t give a crap what they’re yammering about, that they’re yammering at each other, or even that they’re there. In fact, she’d be happy as a pig in shit if neither of them were there so she could shovel in peace.

    Aggravated enough with whitey already, Boner, at the request of the woman sitting to his other side (his wife?), taps the Wookie’s arm. Wookie turns her head to see what Boner wants, leaving her food unguarded, vulnerable from the other side, which aggravates her even more. Boner gestures toward the white woman. To take her attention from her meal just to give it to that old white woman turns Wookie’s mood from aggravated to annoyed, with an added sprinkling of contempt. She curtly answers the old white woman’s question with a dismissal. The old white woman’s brain must be damaged from all the booze, the Wookie is sure, because the ol’ honkey actually said something else to her. Wookie’s second response to the ol’ white woman is an exaggerated repeat of her first, the gesture of dismissal grand enough, she figures, that even an old white woman will see and understand it. Wookie then returns her face to its rightful mealtime place, her chin two inches from her food, guarding her plate from all sides, shoveling away.

    But,. whatever. They’re all \too damned chummy with each other from where I sit.

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