Iraq War Flashback ‘Russia Hid Saddam’s WMD’s By: Ion Mihai Pacepa

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Steve Cooper
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Ion Mihai Pacepa was a Romanian Intelligence Spy Chief….HE KNOWS

Before the Iraq war started, the media broke a story about a large convoy of trucks speeding towards the Syrian border. According to reports it was a Russian military convoy escorting Saddam’s WMD’s to Syria to embarrass the USA when none were found. The reports were mysteriously silenced immediately and it is proof that the American media is taking order from Moscow. Yes, the USA is already under foreign control. Just open your eyes and use your heads.

A Former General under Saddam also stated that WMD’s were dumped into the Indian Ocean.  

Why do the Republicans hide the truth about Russia hiding Saddam’s WMD’s? I have a few theories.

1. Bush made a deal with Putin not to mention it during his re-election in exchange for Putin’s endorsement of John Kerry.

2. It could open a can of worms, like Russia’s STRONG ties to Iran and Al Qaeda. That would make them Guilty by association for 9/11.

3. It could have started WW III SOONER…

4. The media is covering up Russia’s involvement.

Read my 9/11 archives for more….

Pacepa wrote:

a former Romanian spy chief who used to take orders from the Soviet
KGB, it is perfectly obvious to me that Russia is behind the evanescence
of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. After all, Russia
helped Saddam get his hands on them in the first place. The Soviet Union
and all its bloc states always had a standard operating procedure for
deep sixing weapons of mass destruction — in Romanian it was codenamed
“Sarindar, meaning “emergency exit.”

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