Is Putin the greatest threat to Europe since Hitler?

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Conservative News Update:

Is Putin the greatest threat to Europe since Hitler?

President Putin wants to create a Eurasian Union from the Pacific Ocean to the borders of the European Union. Leaders of the two rival trade unions say that Ukraine cannot belong to both groups.


  1. Hitler learnt everything from the Russians. Putin is the consolidation of 100 plus years of Red Terror. He is far worse than anything you can ever dream of.

    1. Hitler learned from many sources and that did included Stalin and the Russians. Other sources included the surrounding events of the Armenian genocide as well as from Andrew Jackson and the genocide of the American Indian in the 1800″s. Second he learned a lot from the US advertising industry how to build his power. Finally, Hitler learned from the Kaiser’s mistakes.

  2. Multi-national organizations with a formal structure have never gone over big in Asia. Putin may think it to be a good idea but it will probably be a failure if it ever gets off the ground (which I do not think it will). Putin appears to fail to understand how things work in Asia.

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