Jason Mattera: Asks Mayor Bloomberg If He Will Have His Armed Guards Give Up Their Weapons

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Steve Cooper

First, I am a retired Police Officer and I have advice for Jason Mattera. Don’t make sudden moves like that when Police Officers are guarding a public official, because they obviously didn’t know who Jason was and that he is harmless.

I think the police would have acted differently if Mattera didn’t make so many sudden moves to try to get around them.

Second, the police are allowed to ask for ID, but Mattera could have refused and left the scene since he committed no crime.

Third, for that Officer to follow Mattera after identifying himself as a member of the media was wrong. We expect that type of intimidation in Moscow…not New York.

Mayor Bloomberg is an Elitist and he will never disarm his security, because he sees himself as above the average schmuck. Do you think that Bloomberg gives a damn about the middle class? No, he doesn’t and neither does Obama. The American middle class that voted for Obama are uneducated, ignorant fools.

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