Making the other side cry is how you win wars

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Steve Cooper
The Conservative

Making the other side cry is how you win wars, but liberal rules of engagement prevent that. I wanted to join the Marines in 1982, but I changed my mind when I saw Communist vermin like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry on the news one night. That was all it took. I told my friend “Billy”, there are Communists in Washington and I will not be a pawn for them; they will betray the soldiers. John Murtha, Durbin, Reid, Hillary and Kerry (just to name a few) voted for a war and then they undermined it to gain power in 2006 and 2008. The enemy within.

Most of this is over the head of the average brainwashed idiot, because the media has cleansed the treason by the Democrats during the Bush years. It is long forgotten. 

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John Murtha confronted by Jason Mattera about calling US Marines “murderers”.
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Senator Durbin compares US Soldiers to Nazi’s
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Democrats lying about WMD’s before the Iraq War
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Ron Paul has undermined the war so many times that he has his own category
Ron Paul Archives

Is the Media playing up the deaths of U.S. Troops to push the anti-war agenda?

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