More than Just ONE Election

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By Steve Cooper
The Conservative

The ‘American Left’ are sabotaging us from within, because they are working with the ‘International Left’ to form a world communist government WITHOUT the need for a world war. Any plan to derail this road to socialism will be met with Muslim terrorism, because they are all united in this war against capitalism. It is a puzzle and you all just need to put it together.

I suspect that a Republican victory will be answered with terrorism by our enemies, because they want the Democrats in power. Of course we need to vote in force against the Democrats, but I am just trying to inform you all to be ready for the consequences. Bin Laden was preaching about Global Warming the other day for a reason…use your heads. He was trying to rally his base, THE LEFT.  

Why are the Republicans silent? Well, they are most likely scared for their lives, because they know what happens to those that oppose Marxist revolutions. They wind up as fertilizer for the fields.

We are beyond elections anyway, so you all better get ready for urban warfare (another reason why the left want us disarmed), because the war on terror will be reaching our shores very shortly.Russians, Chinese and Muslims are all sneaking in through the Mexican border and they are using the violence as a distraction for their entry.

The 9/11 truthers are leftist revolutionaries and they are also acting as provocateurs and a diversion to create paranoia against the government. Obama, Soros, Van Jones and the 9/11 truthers are all on the same side. Ron Paul is no different than the leftists and Islamic propagandists when you subtract his economic policies from his script.

The collapse of the United States is being STAGED very similar to the way that the Soviet Union staged theirs. Communism did not die, they were just playing possum and they cleverly used radical Islam as a battering ram to drag us into bloody wars and to lower our guard.  

– Steve Cooper

Lenin’s Dream is Within Reach

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