Video: Trayvon Martin Evidence that the Media was Hiding about Skittles

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Steve Cooper


TY Kelly Ann 🙂


Who would have known that there is a fad of mixing Skittles, watermelon iced tea and cough syrup to get high? Very interesting video….



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  1. I like this eBaum fella. TY , Steve , for the video which has nothing to do with any conspiracy theory . These are the facts, as he says in the beginning, “we’re entitled to our own feelings but not to our own facts”. This guy is going after the MSM.
    It was just as obvious that Trayvon had a hand in his own death as that OJ Simpson killed Nicole Brown.

      1. NOW you know why the parents aren’t suing Zimmerman, because this evidence will be submitted during the civil trial. The media is hiding this…

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