Orly Taitz Court Victory ‘Judge Orders Obama to Appear in Court’

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Entire Georgia Eligibility Challenge Hearing, Atlanta Georgia, January 26th 2012



Steve Cooper

The Conservative Monster.com

Orly Taitz has done her homework on the Eligibility Issue. She has overwhelming evidence to prove that she is correct about her allegations that Obama is a ‘fraud’. The problem is that all levels of the U.S. Government, The Republicans, The Democrats, The Joint Chief’s and the Media are all part of this cover up.

This is a criminal conspiracy with a tight lid on it….

Glenn Beck is a back stabbing traitor that attacked the Eligibility movement without mercy. Beck chooses Ron Paul over Newt…enough said.

Never trust a libtard-arian.  


The Tireless Vetting of the Republican Candidates

Orly Taitz addresses the NH Ballot Board about Obama’s 2012 application “This is bigger than Watergate”

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