Violent Mob Rages After Surfing Competition in Huntington Beach Ends

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Steve Cooper



I like how NBC uses the words “violent mob” to describe white kids rioting. I wonder if they used the word ‘violent’ when Trayvon Martin rioters created mayhem or when Occupy Wall Street thugs vandalized property and attacked police?


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  1. Ha ha…. Just saw it on FOX. Shep is poking fun at the use of the word violence too. It’s like, you know? It’s Huntington Beach for God’s sakes..
    Oh, I see, it was the po po who were violent!
    This is soooo funny. A real laugh riot!
    Too strange to hear the words surfer and riot in the same sentence 🙂

  2. What a non-story. Somewhere out there is a very connected reporter. I guess blowing bar fights out of proportion is an act by the MSM to strengthen the OWS crowd. It was reported that the big bad police force shot the bums with rubber bullets.
    This was a true non-story but for the A**holes who were having their lattes on a sunny afternoon who wanted it out there.

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